January Board Meeting Agenda
January 22, 2019

Organizational Matters

I. Call meeting to order

II. Attendance

III. Board Membership- City Council Representative —
Ramona Monteverde, Interim City Manager—Joseph Donat

IV. Minutes—approve November 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

V. Financial Report

VI. ED Recruitment Update

VII. NY Land Bank funding updates—Leviticus Revolving Loan Discussion

VIII. Assign Interim Roles

a. Contract Signatory—property related services, loans and grants
b. Bill pay process
c. Payroll, Retirement, Health Insurance Management
d. Public Reporting
e. FOIL officer

B. Property Related Matters

I. RUPCO project update—Emily Hamilton & Guy Kempe

II. Yearly Review

III. Work Plan Update—B. Blackman presents

a. Abatement and Demolition Update
b. Neighbors for Neighborhoods Update

IV. 143 Washington St—Aaron Lown project update and extension

V. 10 Dubois St—Aamir Mumtaz proposal—B. Blackman presents

VI. 82 Liberty St WH – Andre Guimond update and extension

EXECUTIVE SESSION at the call of the Chair.

Next regular meeting: March 18, 2019