Board of Directors Meeting
January 22, 2019

A. Organizational Matters

I. Call meeting to order—Meeting called to order at 4:00 pm

II. Attendance

Board Members Present:
 Ali Church, Lisa Daily, Joe Donat, Paul Halayko, Ramona Monteverde, Andrei Niles, David Potack, Joe Surace, Kevin White

Others Present:
Madeline Fletcher, Burke Blackman, Amy Blair, Guy Kempe and Emily Hamilton (presenting update on RUPCO Phase 2), David Rothman 

III. Board Membership—New members R. Monteverde, who assumed the designated City Council Representative seat, and J. Donat, serving ex officio by virtue of his role as Interim City Manager, were introduced and welcomed to the Board.  

IV. Minutes—approve November 2018 Board Meeting Minutes—A. Church made a motion to approve the minutes of the November 2018 meeting.  D. Potack seconded the motion.  All approved, none opposed.  

V. Financial Report—M. Fletcher presented the draft mid-fiscal year financial report.  J. Surace made a motion to accept the report, and P. Halayko seconded the motion.  All approved, none opposed.

VI. ED Recruitment Update—M. Fletcher presented on the various efforts undertaken to recruit qualified candidates for the Executive Director position, including posting on the Land Bank’s website and social media, circulation to the New York Land Bank Association and other relevant professional networks, and outreach to interested potential candidates.  L. Daily and D. Potack have conducted interviews and will present a summary of candidates in executive session.  

VII. NY Land Bank funding updates—Leviticus Revolving Loan Discussion—M. Fletcher and B. Blackman presented on their preliminary discussions with the Leviticus Fund for a possible revolving loan facility to fund expected construction expenses in 2019-2020 that will not be covered by the Enterprise Community Partners-administered grants.  P. Halayko suggested reaching out to TD Bank and Chase in addition to compare potential terms and rates.

VIII.  Assign Interim Roles—P. Halayko made a motion to approve resolution #01-22-2019-A that:

(a)  B. Blackman assume the duties and powers of the Executive Director on an interim basis until a new Executive Director begins employment, including: 

(i)   Contract signatory—property related services, loans and grants,

(ii)  Bank account signatory 

(iii)Bill pay process

(iv)Public Reporting, and

(v)  FOIL officer; and

(b)  Land bank staff handle any other day-to-day operations activities as necessary including processing payroll, retirement, and health insurance. 

L. Daily seconded the motion.  All approved, none opposed.

B. Property Related Matters

I. RUPCO project update—Emily Hamilton & Guy Kempe presented an update on the second phase of RUPCO’s scattered site development in partnership with the Land Bank, tentatively named “Newburgh Progress.”  An application for funding is currently pending with NYS HCR with notification expected in May.  As part of the application, RUPCO committed to pursuing a PILOT with applicable taxing authorities to ensure the financial stability of the project and that units remain affordable.  They have begun outreach and discussion with stakeholders to begin navigating this process.

II. Yearly Review—M. Fletcher presented the annual review that will be presented to the City Council on January 24th.

III. Work Plan Update—B. Blackman presented an update on the Land Bank’s current property inventory, the recently completed work under the 2017-2018 LISC-administered grant, and the newly commenced work under the 2019-2020 Work Plan and Enterprise Community Partners-administered grants.  

IV. 143 Washington St—Aaron Lown project update and extension—M. Fletcher presented the additional project details submitted by A. Lown to the Board in support of his request for an 18-month extension of time to complete renovations.  After discussion, the Board proposed a more limited extension—through April 22nd—to allow A. Lown to demonstrate forward progress, including i) completing an informational with the building department, ii) obtaining preliminary architectural/site plans suitable for land use approvals, and iii) securing a financing commitment or providing evidence of funds sufficient to complete the project.  A. Church made a motion to approve such limited extension, A. Niles seconded the motion. All approved, none opposed.

V. 10 Dubois St—Aamir Mumtaz proposal—B. Blackman presented A. Mumtaz’s revised proposal to purchase 10 Dubois as a side lot to his existing adjacent property, 14 Dubois, for $5,000, allowing him to pursue new construction of a multi-family residence on the vacant portion of 14 Dubois.  D. Potack moved to approve the sale and for the Land Bank staff to set the final terms of the transfer, P. Halayko seconded the motion.  All approved, none opposed.

Joe Donat left the meeting at 5:30 pm.

VI. 82 Liberty St WH – Andre Guimond update and extension—M. Fletcher presented A. Guimond’s proposal for a 6-month extension (through March 22, 2020) to complete renovation.  Land Bank staff visited the site today and observed substantial progress, including completed reframing of the interior as a single-family residence and reconstruction of the first-floor addition as a sunroom.  P. Halayko made a motion to approve the extension, J. Surace seconded the motion. All approved, none opposed.


EXECUTIVE SESSION at the call of the Chair.  A. Church made a motion to enter executive session for attorney consultation with regard to proposed, pending or current litigation and for discussion of employment-related matters.  A. Niles seconded the motion.  All approved, none opposed.


P. Halayko left the meeting at 5:40 pm.

VII.  104 Washington—Regarding the unconsummated purchase of 104 Washington by Skippin’ Stones LLC, pending since 2015, D. Potack moved to approve the proposed resolution #01-22-2019-B in an effort to reach an outcome satisfactory to both parties.  A. Church seconded the motion.  All approved, none opposed.  J. Surace moved to approve the proposed resolution #01-22-2019-C in the event a mutually agreeable outcome cannot be reached.  A. Niles seconded the motion.  All approved, none opposed. 

VIII.  Executive Director Employment Offer—J. Surace made a motion to extend an employment offer to Allison Cappella for the role of Executive Director on terms to be negotiated by the Board Chair.   A. Church seconded the motion.  All approved, none opposed.


Next regular meeting: March 18, 2019

Meeting adjourned at 6:00 pm.