November 19, 2018

A. Organizational Matters

I. Call meeting to order

II. Attendance

III. Board Membership- Distressed Property Task Force Chair- Ali Church

IV. Minutes—approve September 2018 Board Meeting Minutes 

V. Financial Report

VI. Employees-Cost of Living Adjustment- 2019 federal adjustment 2.8%

VII. NY Land Bank funding updates—OAG CRI Grant—Resolution 

VIII. Proposed meeting schedule for 2019

            Jan 22 (Tuesday, MLK is Monday, 21), March 18, May 20, Jul 22, Sept 16, Nov 18


B. Property Related Matters

I. Property Update

a. Property Tracking Review

b. Abatement and Demolition Update

c. Neighbors for Neighborhoods Update

II. Renewal of Affordable Housing Concepts/Libolt & Sons construction management for 1 year

III. 86 Lander – Proposal received pursuant to RFP

IV. 143 Washington-Request for extension of time to complete project

V. 17 Dubois, 9 & 12 S Miller St—Request for extension of time to complete project

VI. City owned Acquisition Update


EXECUTIVE SESSION at the call of the Chair.


Next regular meeting: Jan 22, 2019 (or as decided by Board)

Newburgh Community Land Bank