The Newburgh Community Land Bank (NCLB) believes we have a unique role in community revitalization. NCLB’s goal is to eliminate barriers to redevelopment that go beyond property renovation and sale alone. By opening NCLB properties as temporary platforms for creative interventions, we look to transform our liabilities into sites for engagement: safe, accessible spaces which draw the public experience inside the vacancy and bring life back to marginalized spaces of underserved neighborhoods in the city. 

NCLB’s Artist in Vacancy pilot is the first initiative to make use of the properties in our holdings that have proven the most difficult to transfer or sell. We have selected properties in our core neighborhood, within a block of each other, and in close proximity to our offices, to offer as sites for creative work that will engage the community and promote arts & cultural production in the City of Newburgh. This pilot is pivotal to NCLB’s effort to launch creative initiatives as an integral part of our approach to Newburgh’s economic and community development. We are happy to announce our first artists and sites for our 2017 summer program below.






CHARGER, a performance installation