Board of Directors Meeting
September 17, 2018

A. Organizational Matters

I. Call meeting to order—4:27 PM

II. Attendance—L. Daily, P. Halayko, D. Potack, K. White, J. Surace, A. Niles

                        Others Present: M. Fletcher, B. Blackman, A. Blair, D. Rothman

                        Board members absent: K. Mejia, M. Ciaravino, A. Niles

III. Minutes—approve July 2018 Board Meeting Minutes -D. Potack made a motion to approve the meeting minutes of the Jul 2018 Board of Directors.  J. Surace seconded the motion.  All approved. 

IV. Financial Report—P. Halayko made a motion to approve the financial report. A. Niles seconded the motion and all approved. 

V. NY Land Bank funding updates—OAG CRI Application-MF reported that we are still waiting for an announcement on the CRI funding. 

VI. 2018 Work Plan Review-B. Blackman presented an overview of the proposed work for 2018 including 2 family owner occupied, habitat partnership and others. 

VII. Audit Review Schedule—Sept 27 3 PM proposed Special Meeting for review and approval of draft audit.

VIII. Public Authorities Review – Annual Investment Report, Internal Controls Analysis, Board Performance Evaluation will be reviewed for the September 27 special meeting. 

VIII. Establishment of a mentorship program- D. Rothman commented that th board must review whether the creation of a mentorship program would be within the scope of the Land Bank’s work plan and pursuant to the by laws. Absent consent of the board, liability would exist including personal liability. L Daily added that such a program was never considered in the formation of the land bank. D. Potack added that such a concept is outside the scope of the land bank and that staff does not have the time to focus on such an activity. Concerned with liability and is not a warrantable risk in addition to staff full time responsibility.  By Laws would have to be amended. L. Daily, D Potack, P Halayko, K White, A Niles, J Surace all voted “no” and the motion failed to pass. 


B. Property Related Matters

I. Property Update

a. Abatement and Demolition Update (skipped for lack of time)

b. Closing Schedule Update – 290 Liberty, 55 Farrington, 123 &125 William-to take place end of September/early October; 168 Lander to proceed upon construction financing. 

c. Neighbors for Neighborhoods Update

II.  RUPCO Project Property Proposal—Resolution for disposition

III.  Resolution to support Youth Build—Blacc Vanilla Community Foundation application—34 Lander St and 162 N Miller St. –P. Halayko made a motion to support the application. A. Niles seconded the motion.  All approved.

IV. Acquisition- Resolution to acquire City-owned property—D Potack made a motion to acquire city owned property as proposed. P Halayko seconded the motion. All approved. 

VII. Artist In Vacancy Update-Septmber 30, Artist in Vacancy tours and projects at Open Studios. 



EXECUTIVE SESSION for attorney consultation with regard to proposed, pending or current litigation or the medical, financial, credit or employment history of a particular person or corporation.


Next regular meeting: Nov 19, 2018


Newburgh Community Land Bank