June Board Meeting Agenda
June 10, 2019


A. Organizational Matters

I. Call meeting to order

II. Attendance

III. Minutes – approve March and April 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

IV. Financial Report through May 2019

V.  Auditors


B. Property Related Matters

I.  Extensions

a.    143 Washington St.,– Update- 

b.    61 Liberty St., -Update-

c.    96 Broadway -Update-

d.    17 Dubois, 9 & 12 S. Miller St. - Update


II. Property Update 

a. Review Impact and Property Report

b. Status of 2017/2018 LISC Grant

c. Progress of 2019/2020 Enterprise Work Plan

            d. Update on City acquisitions

            e. Habitat site selection

                        Acquisition of 139 and 141 Johnston Street 

f. Abatement and Demolition Planning—Abatement RESOLUTION w/ SEQR Type II


III.        Rupco Phase II -Update

IV.        Reschedule July Meeting (Annual Meeting) and Confirm remainder of 2019 meeting schedule and time

V.         Outreach

VI.        Artist in Vacancy 


VII.       EXECUTIVE SESSION at the call of the Chair.