Meeting Agenda - March 2018


OCTOBER 17, 2017


A.     Organizational Matters

I.               Call meeting to order

II.              Attendance

III.            Minutes—approve January 2018 board meeting minutes

IV.            Financial Report—Jan Feb review

V.              990 Annual Tax filing

VI.            2019 PARIS budget

VII.           Legal rate discussion

VIII.         NY LBA NYS budget request update


B.     Property Related Matters

I.               Property Update

a.     Property Tracking Review

b.     55 Farrington – Rent to Own Consideration

c.     Environmental, Engineering & Clean Out Update

d.     Demos

e.     RUPCO project update

f.      Habitat project update

II.              Salvaged materials sale update

III.            Properties to market—RFP release


Next meeting May 21, 2018