march 19, 2018

  1. Organizational Matters 

  1. Call meeting to order—by P. Halayko 

  1. Attendance—P Halayko; J. Surace; M. Ciaravino; A. Niles; D. Potack 

Others present: M. Fletcher; B. Blackman; A. Blair 

  1. Minutes—approve January 2018 board meeting minutes—D. Potack makes a motion to approve the January 2018 minutes; P. Halayko seconds motion and all approve. 

  1. Financial Report—Jan Feb review—J. Surace makes motion to accept the financial report provided by Bowers & Co., A. Niles seconds motion and all approve.  

  1. 990 Annual Tax filing—990 is complete and was circulated for board review for any questions or comments 

  1. 2019 PARIS budget—M. Fletcher presents the proposed 2019 FY budget for board review and approval for submission to PARIS. M. Fletcher highlights that there is still some uncertainty about NYS OAG and NYS budget funding, but that a conservative budget has been assembled based on what we know and on projected revenue. P. Halayko makes a motion to approve the budget for submission to PARIS; D. Potack seconds the motion and all approve 

  1. Legal rate discussion—tabled for May in interest of time. 

  1. NY LBA NYS budget request update—M Fletcher briefly reviews the effort coordinated through the Land Bank Association to obtain a line item in the state budget.  


  1. Property Related Matters 

  1. Property Update  

  1. Property Tracking Review 

  1. 55 Farrington – Update—Conversation regarding how to proceed since the property has not yet sold.  K. Mejia expressed interest in continuing to market to existing city residents and to continue to follow up with those who have expressed interest.  Staff will continue this and explore options for giving access to residents who do not meet current credit standards for traditional mortgages like rent to own scenarios.  

  1. Environmental, Engineering & Clean Out Update—24 property clean outs and evaluations are done so can proceed with partners on abatement and stabilization work. Four phase II followups were complete, and the results were negative (no additional contamination issues) 

  1. Demos—needed for wood frame structures at 39 Dubois, 133, 135 Lander. Possibly needed for 33 Lander, 162 N Miller, 86 Lander—though still pursuing whether there are rehab options. Quotes will be gathered to evaluate whether abatement can happen first or whether demo is with assumption of materials that require special disposal. 

  1. RUPCO project update—round 2 list is coming together, will provide more extensive update for May as their evaluation proceeds.  Board requested a lease up update from Safe Harbors for the Phase I project that is currently being completed. 

  1. Habitat project update—William Street properties are going to board of Habitat in April.  

  1. Salvaged materials sale update—Paulien Lethen, who is rehabbing 48 Chambers Street and creating exterior gallery space at 50 and 52 Chambers agreed to purchase the brownstone stairs to use as landscape features.  The approved purchaser, Bridget Hayes was unable to ultimately use them because of some of the deterioration.  

  1. Properties to market—RFP release—staff is preparing to release an RFP for 123 & 125 William Street. Also considering 290 Liberty Street and others to see what interest exists in traditional purchases without substantial subsidy.  


Next board meeting will be May 21, 2018 at 4 PM at 15 Chambers Street