caroline partamian & ethan primason

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caroline partamian

Caroline Partamian is a musician, visual artist, and curator influenced by her training in dance. She works specifically with the concept of abreaction – the extraction of dormant memory stored within a muscle, resurfaced through physical movement, of which an individual was previously unaware; these memories span the spectrum and can take many forms – traumatic, erotic, or comforting. By focusing on the process rather than anticipated result, her work encourages what can be revealed when one becomes conscious of their kinetic movement in the process of creation.

ethan primason

Ethan Primason is a sound artist, recording engineer, radio producer, and musician. His works and practices are heavily collaborative and guided by anthropological and ritualized approaches towards sound, transmission, improvisation, healing, and storytelling. His recent projects have been informed by deep listening, ecomusicology, sonic ethnography and sound collage.


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