March Board Meeting Minutes
March 18, 2019


A. Organizational Matters

I. Call meeting to order—Meeting called to order at 3:05 pm

II. Attendance

Board Members Present:
Ali Church
 Lisa Daly
Joe Donat
Ramona Monteverde
David Potack
Joe Surace
Kevin White

Others Present:
Allison Cappella
Burke Blackman
Amy Blair
David Rothman  

III. ED Introduction – New Executive Director, Allison Cappella, is introduced to the Board by Lisa Daly.

IV. Minutes – approve January 2019 Board Meeting Minutes – D. Potack made a motion to approve January 2019 Board Meeting minutes. J. Surace seconded the motion. All approved, none opposed. 

V. YTD Financial Report –A. Cappella and B. Blackman gave a brief overview of financial report and Board reviewed. There were no additional questions. J. Surace made a motion to approve YTD Financial Report. A. Church seconded the motion. All approved, none opposed.

VI. Minutes—Banking resolution for adding signatories after departure of former Executive Director. J. Surace made a motion to approve banking resolution. L. Daly seconded the motion. All approved, none opposed.

VII. FY2020 PARIS Budget – A. Cappella explained that the FY2020 PARIS Budget is due April 30, 2019 and requested a special Board Meeting on April 2, 2019 to present and approve the budget. Board agrees, none oppose.

VIII. NY Land Bank funding updates – A. Cappella updated the Board that NYS Land Banks are included in the NYS Assembly’s budget for this year, and the Land Bank Association is waiting to find out if the budget is approved. 

B. Potential Arts Collaboration – Edison Cinemabox – Stewart Sachs, Amy Shell, and Razvan Voroneanu presented a potential arts collaboration with the Land Bank to activate vacant sites. The Board expressed enthusiasm for the project, with the reservation that depending on the timeline we may or may not have a suitable property available. The Board would be happy to work with the organization if possible and agreed to provide a statement of support to endeavor to participate and make site available if feasible. D. Potack made a motion to provide the letter of support, and J. Surace seconded. J. Donat stepped out prior to the vote, and returned after. 

C. Property Related Matters

I. Property Update

a. Property Tracking Review – Completed and upcoming sales – B. Blackman presented. NCLB just completed and closed on the sale of 168 Lander to Jeff Wilkinson. 86 Lander also recently closed. 10 Dubois (a side lot) will close next week. NCLB’s first MLS listing at 419 Carpenter went live for sale and there is robust interest. 

b. Status of 2017-2018 LISC Grant – B. Blackman explained that the grant is close to being closed out  and is likely to be wrapped up later this month.

c. Progress on 2019-2020 Enterprise Work Plan – B. Blackman reported that 114 William and up to 5 additional properties will be sold to Habitat for Humanity under the Enterprise grant. 

d. Neighbors for Neighborhoods Update – 167 N Miller – This property is nearing completion. The goal is to market the property in the spring. 


II. Extensions

a.    17 Dubois, 9 & 12 S Miller St – Update – The owner came to the Board in November and requested and received a 90-day extension to March 1, 2019. B. Blackman will conduct a site visit this week. D. Potack thinks it best to consider a conditional extension at the upcoming April Board Meeting pending the results of the walkthrough. All agree, none oppose. 

b.    143 Washington – Aaron Lown – Update – A. Cappella and B. Blackman spoke to the owner today. The Board requests a hard deadline of April 20 for proof of funding architectural site plans, and informational with the City Code enforcement office. 


III. Potential Market Acquisition – 57 Lander St. --  A. Cappella said that NCLB recently became aware that this property is for sale. The property is privately owned, gutted and empty. Since it is next to other Land Bank properties its acquisition would make a big impact as a strategic acquisition. D. Potack made a motion to approve A. Cappella to pursue purchase up to $30k. A. Church seconded the motion. All approved, none opposed.


EXECUTIVE SESSION at the call of the Chair.  A. Church made a motion to enter executive session for attorney consultation with regard to proposed, pending or current litigation and for discussion of employment-related matters.  A. Niles seconded the motion.  All approved, none opposed.


Next special meeting: April 2, 2019

Next regular meeting: May 20, 2019

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm.