MAY 21, 2018


A.    Organizational Matters

I.              L. Daily called meeting to order at 4:05

II.             Attendance- A. Niles, D. Potack, J. Surace, L. Daily, P. Halayko, M. Ciaravino, D. Glenn Others: M. Fletcher, B. Blackman, D. Rothman

III.           Minutes—approve March 2018 board meeting minutes—P. Halayko made a motion to approve the minutes of the March 2018 board meeting. Andrei seconded the motion and all approved the motion. 

IV.           Financial Report—March April review—J. Surace made a motion to accept the financial report presented. D. Potack seconded the motion and all approved the motion.

V.             Legal rate discussion—D. Rothman presents concept of raising rates over time to catch up to current non-profit billing rates after not increasing rates for a number of years. D. Rothman will bring July proposal for board approval. 

VI.           NY Land Banks funding update/discussion—M. Fletcher summarized the efforts to date in the state legislature and confirmed that there is expected to be an additional Community Revitalization Initiative grant for 2019.

VII.          Planning Committee formation—L. Daily, J. Surace, D. Potack all volunteered to participate in the Planning Committee.  M. Ciaravino expressed that he would like to attend meetings time allowing. M. Fletcher would also reach out to K. Mejia about possible participation. 

VIII.        Urban Farm wind down—M. Fletcher summarized that the Urban Farm is winding down with remaining funds for that project being transferred to the fiscal sponsor, Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan. Existing CDBG contract closed out in 2017 and Virginia is transitioning to new office space in June


B.    Property Related Matters

I.              Property Update 

a.    Property Tracking Review—B. Blackman presents property update—39 properties remaining in inventory with 2 pending sales.  No sales occurred since last report. 

b.    55 Farrington – Update—three potential purchases seeking financing. One dealing with open credit issue, one has prequel pending, one working on submitting purchase docs to PathStone.

c.    Property Progress Update  -- Abatement planning—General Contractor is seeking competitive proposals and pricing for abatement work for pool of funded properties

d.    Essential demolition Planning—working on identifying proper approval process and evaluation of identified sites

e.    RUPCO project update (Current and Phase I)—Phase I continues brisk rent up and final properties will be occupied in next couple of months.  Phase II—RUPCO still working to identify exact list of properties that will be good for housing funding program.

II.             Properties to market—RFP release & upcoming projects—--LB staff proposes to release RFPs for the potential sale & development or use of multiple sites –168 Lander, 290 Liberty St, 10 Dubois, 123, 125 William St—Planning committee will review proposals received and report out to full board.

III.           Potential Acquisitions—419 Carpenter Ave (Wells Fargo Donation) –P. Halayko makes a motion to authorize the acquisition of 419 Carpenter Ave via donation plus a cash award. D. Potack seconds the motion and all approved the motion.

City of Newburgh abandonment proceedings—The City of newburgh is proceeding with abandonment proceedings to regain site control of properties that have been abandoned by their owners. Two recent properties are 44 S Miller and 197 First St. While in tough condition, they are in our target area and strategically important. D. Potack makes a motion to authorize pursuing the acquisition of these properties from the City of Newburgh. A. Niles seconded the motion and all approved the motion.

IV.           Disposition – Sale of 116 118 122 124 126 128 William St to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Newburgh per OAH CRI Round 3 plan for $39,000.  P. Halayko makes a motion to authorize the sale of the properties for the negotiated sale price.  J. Surace seconds the motion and all approve the motion. 


Next meeting July 23, 2018