SEPTEMBER 19, 2017

A.     Organizational Matters

I.               Call meeting to order- 4:11 PM

II.              Attendance—Board members: K. White, D. Potack, D. Glenn, P. Halayko, M. Ciaravino.   Others: M. Fletcher, D. Rothman (counsel), B. Blackman, D. Mangaser

III.            Minutes—approve August 2017 board meeting minutes and Annual Meeting Minutes.

a.     D. Glenn makes a motion to approve August 2017 meeting minutes. D. Potack second the motion and all approve the motion.

b.     D. Potack makes a motion to approve the minutes of the Annual Meeting, K. White seconds the motion and all approve the motion.

IV.            Review of meeting dates and times – the current Tuesday meeting dates are difficult for several members to make.  M. Fletcher will review the calendar of City Council work sessions and meeting dates and prepare a list of dates for the next calendar year that do not conflict with City Council meeting dates.

V.              2017 Audit Review -  The audit was not complete, but will be circulated for review when it is complete. M. Fletcher also reminds all members who have not submitted their completed financial and conflict of interest forms to do so.

VI.            Accounting- D. Potack also asks for an update on the new accounting. M. Fletcher states that the transition will happen following the completion of the audit.


B.     Property Related Matters

I.               Property Update—monthly spreadsheet was distributed to board.  K. White asks whether we have done any publicity or story on 53 Farrington home buyer. M. Fletcher says that she will reach out to Leonard Sparks. 

II.              Development Partnership Discussion—110 Broadway w. Austin Dubois et al.—in discussion led by P. Halayko, the board agrees that no substantial conversation about the potential transaction, similar to what was proposed on the South St. parcels, can proceed only with a meeting with the IDA (Bob Armisted or Laurie Villasuso). The ambiguity regarding the sources of financing and the terms doesn’t make it possible for NCLB to consider any formal concept.

III.            Artspace Fiscal Sponsorship Request—Naomi Hersson-Ringskog submitted a request for NCLB to act as a fiscal sponsor for her seeking to work with Artspace to do an inventory of cultural assets and real estate opportunities in Newburgh.  D .Potack expressed the feeling that while he hopes the initiative is successful, it is not within the scope of our organization’s mission’s narrow focus to act in this role. D. Glenn, K. White, P. Halayko agree.

IV.            290 Liberty Street Update – M. Ciaravino requests that going forward when we undertake demolition that we conduct an analysis of different development scenarios. D. Potack also expressed that the vacant land policy should provide for different pricing for development and other scenarios.

V.              96 Broadway Update – The purchaser relayed information to M. Fletcher that HOME funds are being awarded to the project, which should allow for the construction financing to be secured.

VI.            Environmental Services RFP Update – tabled pending review and comparison by staff. M. Fletcher states that 6 or 7 responses were received.

VII.           Neighbors for Neighborhoods Update – NCLB is working on developing a scope of work, has submitted to SHPO for required permissions, etc.  for 167 N Miller.  167 N Miller will be 2 units and D. Mangaser is working on drawings. NCLB staff have also been evaluating whether 290 Liberty carriage house and 45 Johnston St can be included. A TD Grant Housing for Everyone was submitted that would help to fund 45 Johnston St project.

VIII.         Placemaking/Arts update- D. Mangaser provides an update on the several Artist-In-Vacancy initiatives including the upcoming Open Studios participation at 39 Johnston and 122 & 123 Lander Street installations.  An Our Town grant will be submitted to the NEA with the City of Newburgh, Storm King and artist collaborators. D. Mangaser also told board that a jorurnalist from the Atlantic has contacted her about doing a story on the Artist-in-Vacancy program.

Next meeting October 17, 2017

Newburgh Community Land Bank