JUNE 20, 2017

A.     Organizational Matters

I.               Meeting called to order at 4:11 PM

II.              Attendance- D. Potack, P. Halayko, A. Niles, L. Daily, M. Ciaravino.

III.            Minutes—approve April and May 2017 board meeting minutes- motion to approve made by D. Potack, P. Halayko seconded and all approved.

IV.            Financial Report- P. Halayko made a motion to approve the financial report, A. Niles seconded the motion and all approved it.

V.              Accounting Services discussion & Internal Controls- NCLB has received a proposal for tailored land bank accounting services and D. Potack and M. Fletcher will receive a presentation regarding the features of the program.  The firm is used by Syracuse, who is very happy with the enhanced featured for accounting, reporting and internal controls that the services entail. D. Potack and M. Fletcher will report back at next meeting with a recommendation.


B.     Property Related Matters

I.               Property Progress Update—Dispositions and Acquisitions—M. Fletcher reviewed the property tracking regarding sales and pending sales.  D. Potack asked about progress on the RUPCO project. M. Fletcher reported that the project was going as planned and M. Ciaravino reported that the city is working to assist with any needed municipal tasks to facilitate the project.

II.              290 Liberty Street Update—M. Fletcher reviewed the progress on nearly complete demolition and a brief discussion amongst board members regarding possible forward movement on the lot followed. M. Ciaravino requested that any conversation regarding bifurcating the lot slow down and L. Daily concurred that an evaluation of whether the lot should be disposed of as a developable lot v. bifurcated for the use of neighbors should be undertaken.

III.            96 Broadway Update- Philippe Pierre presented an update regarding the property. Purchase and Sale has been signed and a closing planned for June 30, per the P& S agreement.  Financing applications have been submitted including HOME funds and CPC loan. Seeking commercial tenant for first floor space, looking at other options for financing.

IV.            Downing Park Urban Farm Update—market addition—CDBG proposes expanding existing DPUF contract to include oversight of farmers market and community garden program. D. Potack make motion to approve contingent on M. Fletcher confirmation of amount of funds and terms and approval by City Council. P. Halayko seconds and all approve.

V.              Environmental Services RFP—RFP for environmental analysis services release due July 28, 2017 for properties going into new OAG funding to ensure competitive pricing for services.

VI.            167 N. Miller BID—Neighbors for Neighborhoods—M. Fletcher reported that Neighbors for Neighborhoods grant program is moving forward and that the office is working on determining scope of work for this first project so that it can go out to bid and construction prior to advertising for sale.

VII.           Acquisition List-Resolution- M. Fletcher distributed final list for acquisition from City of Newburgh that was approved by council.  P.Halayko made motion to authorize the acquisition of the properties and A. Niles seconded the motion. All approved.

VIII.         Placemaking/Arts update- D. Mangaser and L. Genes updated the board on the placemaking initiatives underway including the 116/123 Lander landscape art installation, July 4 project, etc.

Next meeting TBD--Annual Meeting—possible July 18, 25? Will doodle poll and then publish date determined.