FEBURARY 2, 2017


I. Call Meeting to order at 1:14 PM

II. Attendance – Present: Lisa Daily, Karen Mejia, Paul Halayko, Deirdre Glenn, Kevin White

III.  Additional policies required to conform to all requirements of public authorities law presented with regard to Compensation, Defense & Indemnification, Internal Control and Finance, Investment, Non-Discrimination, and Travel & Discretionary.  Deirdre Glenn proposed to adopt the policies as amended (amendments include adding language to the Compensation policy regarding service of the Executive Director and employees; Internal Control policy to include a limit of $10,000 for debit expenses to align with regular expenses and to prohibit withdrawing cash, and requiring sign off of the bank statements by the treasurer; Travel and discretionary funds policy to reflect a limit of $500 for charitable contributions, and for travel expenses—ED can approve staff travel expenses, and treasurer can approve ED expenses) . Karen Mejia seconded. All voted in favor of adopting policies.

IV. Discussion regarding becoming involved with potential South Street redevelopment project with Ruby Group and Austin Dubois.  Board would like information regarding the proposed development budget, the IDA funds at issue, our exit strategy if the project does not move forward, and the City benefit (taxes, quality of life, etc).

V. Next regular board meeting Feburary 21 at 4 PM

Newburgh Community Land Bank