DECEMBER 14, 2016


A.    Organizational Matters

I. Call meeting to order at 4:04 PM

II. Attendance — PRESENT: J. Surace, K. Mejia, D. Glenn, K. White, D. Potack

III. Minutes-Approve Minutes of October 2016 Board Meeting — D. Potack makes motion, D. Glenn seconds. Discussion: Typo in the financial report section of the minutes, should read December, not October.

IV. Financial Statements: financial report —A quarterly financial report will be made in January based on the new accounting system and book keeper.

V. 2017 Calendar—P. Halayko can no longer attend Wednesday board meeting and requested a discussion on whether another weekday could work for the regular monthly meeting.  Board agreed to try 3rd Tuesday in January and then decide whether to set 2017 Calendar for the 3rd Tuesday for the rest of the year.

VI. Audit Update- The annual audit is still ongoing.  M. Fletcher is pressing auditor to try to complete audit by end of calendar year.  If possible, a special meeting will be held to get reporting in by the end of the year to the ABO. 

B.    Property-Related Matters

I. Property Progress Updates. M. Fletcher gave a brief update of sales in the pipeline for the end of the year (53 Beacon St, 143 Washington St, S. Miller/Dubois cluster, 157 Grand St).   M. Fletcher also advised that the closing for RUPCO is planned for the end of January 2017.  M. Fletcher also summarized the proposal submitted to the NYS OAG having three components: demolition, habitat partnership and additional scattered site work

II. Robert Fontaine, who has a restored residence on First Street between Chambers and Lander came to discuss his interest in acquiring the lot at 59 Chambers Street (adjacent to his home) and his vision for that corner.  He has also acquired the other building adjacent to 59 Chambers St. This was a first discussion, not a formal proposal. All present (including the public) were invited to walk to the corner to view the property as part of the discussion.

Meeting adjourned at 4:44 PM to accommodate schedules. The next meeting will be held Tuesday, January 17, 2017 at 4 PM at 15 Chambers Street. 

approved January 17, 2017