JANUARY 20, 2016


A.    Organizational Matters

I.               Call meeting to order

II.              Attendance

III.            Minutes-Approve Minutes of December 2015 Board Meeting

IV.            Financial Statements-Review reporting and comment on preferred presentation of information for 2016.  Presented:  Per Property graphic, Per Property Bar Chart, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Financial Summary.

V.             Committees-Appointment of Committees—Audit, Finance, and Governance

VI.            Annual Tax Filings—Authorize Sedore & Co to file NYS and Federal Income Tax filings.


B.    Property-Related Matters

I.               Property Progress Updates

II.              Renew engagement of Mesh Realty/Rick Milton Associates for 2016 under the following terms: $37 per hour for all labor and materials at cost. The management fee for occupied properties is 10% of the collected rents.

III.            Authorize transfer of 53 Beacon Street-Proposal from Josh Mousseau to purchase the property as an owner occupant.  Sale price under standard NCLB pricing would be $9,240 as a category 4 property ($6/sf at 1540 sf). This property is part of the Liberty Street Corridor Revitalization Project funded by the NYS OAG grant.

IV.            Authorize transfer of 130 First Street-Jon Beer and Nadene Grey Speer propose to purchase the vacant lot located at 130 First Street. They recently acquired 268 Liberty Street for residential purposes and 130 First Street provides driveway access to rear lot parking. The lot is assessed with a Full Market Value of $1,000.  This property would be sold “as is.”

V.             Authorize acquisition of 15 ½ Overlook-Acquire 15 ½ Overlook for the Liberty Street Corridor Revitalization Project in partnership with Habitat for Humanity and the Heights Association for owner occupancy.

VI.            Re-release the RFQ to solicit proposals more broadly for abatement and construction services to try to broaden the pool of acceptable contractors.