MARCH 28, 2017


A. Organizational

1. Board and Diana review new website before meeting called to order.

2 Meeting Called to order at 4:15 PM

3. Members present: J. Surace, K. White, P. Halayko, L. Daily, M. Ciaravino

4. Minutes: K. White made motion to approve March 1 meeting minutes, J. Surace seconded and all approved the motion.  

5. M. Fletcher confirmed that the Board Retreat will be May 15 10-4 and Susan Weinrich will send out a notice.

6. Saul Brown presented on Solarize New York coming to Newburgh and the initiative to solarize Newburgh.


B. Property–Related Matters

1. Property Progress- updates—No new sales to update.

2. House to Home Progress update—One family, Vanessa Budetti & her children have qualified and would like to purchase 55 Farrington.  53 is still available, but Zachary family is pending financial certification and considering purchase.

5. Downing Park Urban Farm RFP – Of the four proposals submitted, all of which were high quality, the Carl Jack proposal provided the most streamlined approach to getting basic operations built and running with an already established Newburgh-based youth team. Project also presented a conservative budget that fits in our existing funding stream. P. Halayko makes motion to select Carl Jack’s proposal, J. Surace seconds and all approve.

6.  J. Surace makes a motion to request to City Council to acquire property and take steps to acquire properties approved for transfer according to the NYS OAG CRI approved plan. K. White seconds the motion and all approve.  

At 6:00PM Board went into executive session to discuss the potential South Street redevelopment purchase and partnership with APH.

The meeting ended at 6:30 PM.
Next meeting April 18 at 4:00 PM.