APRIL 18, 2017

A.     Organizational Matters 

      I.         Call meeting to order 

     II.         Attendance DP, LD, PH, DG, AN

   III.         Minutes-Approve Minutes of March 28 Board Meeting  -- P. Halayko makes a motion to approve board meeting minutes, A. Niles seconds.  All approve.

   IV.         Present Financial Report—Financial Report will be made in May.

   IV.         PARIS reporting –D.Potack made a motion to adopt the Budget for FY 2018 presented by MF; D. Glenn seconded the motion and all approved. Features of budget include added staff, starting a modest retirement benefit, and including and placemaking as a temporary vacant property strategy.


B.     Property-Related Matters 

      I.         Property Progress—Spreadsheet Review & Closing Update 

     II.         House to Home Progress Update --D.Potack made motion to approve the sale of 55 Farrington St to Vanessa Budetti, a Newburgher who has resided in the City for more than five years and makes below 80% of the Area Median Income for a price of $75,000.  P. Halayko seconds and all approved.

Argelia Morales from WIlliam Street is interested in the property and has entered the PathStone Homeownership program.

   III.         121/123 Lander Street- the board would like to hear more about the proposed schedule for construction on 123 Lander St from the proposed purchaser before making a decision on sale.  Board would like to see a timeline include site plan and ARC approval within 12 months for the new construction.

  IV.          290 Liberty St-short term demolition update & possible 33 Lander—Emergency demolition order—going to work with Syracuse-based AECC who opened a local office and have proposed potential savings in the controlled demolition process.  The price for 290 Liberty St and 33 Lander together (if both are demolished) should not exceed $200,000. P. Halayko makes motion, A. Niles seconds. All approve.

    V.          NYS OAG CRI Grant & Neighbors for Neighborhoods-Certificate of Incumbency signatures (officers required)--all officers present signed the form for CRI grant submission.

  VI.          Board voted to go into executive session to discuss the disposition of 96 Broadway and South Street assemblage scenario at 4:50 and ended at 5:10 (D. Potack makes motion and D. Glenn seconds).   Following executive session, D. Potack makes a motion to approve the disposition of 96 Broadway to Liberty Street Partners (or controlled entity) with the following requirements:  Close by June 30, 2017; secure financing by December 31, 2017; and obtain a Certificate of Occupancy by December 31, 2018 with an automatic deed reverter if any of those conditions are not met. A. Niles seconded and all approved the resolution.