Board of Directors Meeting
November 19, 2018

Organizational Matters

I. Call meeting to order—Meeting called to order at 4:17 PM

II. Attendance
Board Members Present: 
Kevin White
Paul Halayko
Lisa Daily
David Potack
Ali Church

Others Present:           
Madeline Fletcher
Burke Blackman
Amy Blair
Philippe Pierre (Presenting update on 96 Broadway)
Aaron Lown (Presenting update on 143 Washington)

III. Board Membership- Chair of Distressed Property Task Force—Ali Church will replace former chair, Deirdre Glenn on the NCLB Board of Directors 

IV. Minutes—Approve September 2018 Board Meeting Minutes –D. Potack made a motion to approve the minutes of the September 2018 meeting.  Paul Halayko seconded the motion.  All approved, none opposed. 

V. Financial Report—M. Fletcher presented the draft financial report for July and August prepared by Bowers & Company, CPAs.   Paul Halayko made a motion to accept the report, D. Potack seconded the motion.  All present approved the motion. None opposed. 

VI. Employees-Cost of Living Adjustment- 2019 federal adjustment 2.8%- M. Fletcher presented the proposed 2.8% cost of living increase consistent with federal standard for 2019 for all staff, including Executive Director.  M. Fletcher noted that cost of living or other increases had not been evaluated or granted for 4 years.  P. Halayko made a motion to approve the proposed cost of living increase. D. Potack seconded the motion. All approved. None opposed. 

VII. NY Land Bank funding updates—Community Revitalization Initiative Grant—Resolution to enter into a contract with Enterprise Community Partners for, and accept funds related to, a Community Revitalization Initiative grant in the amount of $2,000,000 for 2019 & 2020 to undertake the proposed work plan including a Habitat for Humanity Partnership, Two family, rent supported homeownership housing and continued Building Preservation work. D. Potack makes a motion to pass the resolution. P. Halayko seconds the motion. All present approved. None opposed. 

VIII. Proposed meeting schedule for 2019-M. Fletcher proposed the following meeting schedule for 2019:

            Jan 22 (Tuesday, MLK is Monday, 21), March 18, May 20, Jul 22, Sept 16, Nov 18
At 4 PM, 15 Chambers St. 

No board members sited a conflict and M. Fletcher agreed to proceed with publication in the Mid Hudson Times per our usual course of public notice and to post on our website.


B. Property Related Matters

I. Property Update

a. Property Tracking Review- B. Blackman presented highlights of property inventory and a brief 2018 overview for the last meeting of calendar year.

b. Abatement and Demolition Update  -- (skipped to allow time for essential matters)

c. Neighbors for Neighborhoods Update -- (skipped to allow time for essential matters)

II. Renewal of Affordable Housing Concepts/Libolt & Sons construction management for 1 year—D. Potack made a motion to grant the second of three possible extensions for the original 2016 Contract for Construction management services. K. White seconded the motion. All present approved. None opposed. 

III. 86 Lander – Proposal received pursuant to RFP—B, Blackman presented to the board that one proposal was received with an offer price of $1000, which is consistent with the value, given the condition of the property and as an alternative to demolition. Jim Gibbons of 144 Tercera Corp is an engineer and has taken on similar extreme projects on 1stStreet with success.

IV. 143 Washington-Request for extension of time to complete project—Aaron Lown presented a revised concept for 143 Washington, but the board requested that he return with some additional details on the concept for Jan 22 2019 meeting.

V. 17 Dubois, 9 & 12 S Miller St—Request for extension of time to complete project-Board proposed a conditional extension of 90 days with opportunity for additional 90 day extensions dependant on progress reports. P. Halayko makes a motion to approve the extension, D. Potack seconds the motion. All present approved the motion. None opposed. 

VI.  96 Broadway- Philippe Pierre offered an update on the progress of 96 Broadway.  D. Potack made a motion to extend the time to complete for 120 days. A. Church seconded the motion. All present approved. 

VII. City owned Acquisition Update  (skipped to allow time for essential matters)


EXECUTIVE SESSION at the call of the Chair.  P. Halayko made a motion to enter executive session.  A. Church seconded the motion. All approved. 


VIII.  104 Washington- Board would like to offer the opportunity to Skippin Stones to either secure a construction loan by December 31, 2018 or to consider the contract terminated, but with an understanding that the Land Bank will consider the investment made by Skippin Stones in finding a resolution. 

 Meeting Adjourned at 5:30

Next regular meeting: Jan 22, 2018 at 4 PM

Newburgh Community Land Bank