AUGUST 8, 2017


TO: Board of Director

From: Madeline Fletcher

RE: August 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date:  August 8, 2017


A.     Organizational Matters

I.               Call meeting to order-4:20

II.              Attendance- J Surace, D. Glenn, P. Halayko, D. Potack, A. Niles

III.            Minutes—approve June 2017 board meeting minutes- D. Potack made a motion to approve the minutes of the Jun 2017 Board of Directors meeting.  D. Glenn seconded the motion and all approved.

IV.            Vacant Property Pricing Policy Recommentation- Burke Blackman presented research and recommendations regarding the appropriate pricing of vacant lots based upon sales data provided by local appraisal firm and on publicly available sales data.  The pricing by zoning would be: RM zoning district: $1.00/sf; DN zoning district $1.30/sf; and BC zoning district $1.64/sf.  D. Glenn made a motion to incorporate the pricing guidelines into the pricing policy, subject to case by case review as needed.  P. Halayko seconded the motion and all approved.

V.              Side Lot Policy Discussion—M. Fletcher brought up whether the Land Bank should adopt a specific side lot policy for prioritizing sales to neighbors who can maintain and utilize side lots. The discussion was tabled for future meeting.

VI.            Financial Report—J. Surace made a motion to accept the Financial Report and A. Niles seconded the motion and all approved.


B.     Property Related Matters

I.               Property Update—B. Blackman reviewed property tracking summary. Board would like to incorporate additional impact tracking into the summary page. Staff to work on adding performance goals and tracking.

II.              290 Liberty Street Update—Discussion of what to do with vacant land. Neighbors attended to present ideas and opinions (Eddie Arrabito and Rosemary Lee).  Discussion aroud whether to sell for development, use as a side lot, subdivide, etc.  Discussion only. Decision for later time following research and assessment.

III.            96 Broadway Update—by Philippe Pierre.  Closing occurred Jun 30, 2017.  Resolution of the issue regarding spill on 151 Liberty continues and a firm was retained to finalize the clearance needed.  Developer will proceed with weatherproofing and pest control to seal the envelope until construction starts.  HOME fund application submitted and CPC financing expected as soon as environmental is closed out.  Anticipate closing the IDA pilot, HOME and construction loan concurrently.

IV.            Environmental Services RFP Update—responses due and will be reviewed internally with recommendations for price-competitive, qualified firms to the board in September/ October.

V.              21, 23, 25 Johnston Street sale to Habitat for Humanity-  P. Halayko makes a motion to approve the sale of 21, 23, 25 Johnston Street to Habitat for Humanity for a price of $12,114. 50 per the pricing policy.  A. Niles seconded the motion and all approved.

VI.            50 Chambers St Proposal- Pauline Lethien is the owner of 46& 48 Chambers Street and would like to acquire 50 Chambers Street, a vacant lot, into her property. Her plan is to create gallery and studio space with a café.  The vacant space will be used for outdoor sculpture and seating.  D. Potack makes a motion to approve the sale of 50 Chambers Street for a price of $2512 on the condition that it be merged with 48 Chambers Street. P. Halayko seconds the motion and all approve.

VII.           121/123 Lander Proposal—Carlos Carbonero submitted the required plan as requested by board previously reflecting a timeline suitable to the needs of the neighborhood.  D. Potack makes a motion to proceed with the sale of 121 and 123 Lander Street for a price of $9969 per the pricing policy.  J. Surace seconded the motion and all approved.

VIII.         167 N Miller – Neighbors for Neighborhoods- M. Fletcher updated board that full architectural plans are needed for the project because of the noncompliant layout.  Diana will be working on the plans with review by structural engineer.

IX.            House to Home Update—Proceeding with sale of 53 Farrington to Argelia Morales.  55 Farrington still available but originally approved purchaser who did not proceed has returned and is interested in making purchase.  If Vanessa Budetti does not proceed, may have to edit the purchaser requirements such as the Newburgh 5 year residency requirement or income restriction.

X.              Placemaking/Arts update- D. Mangaser discussed the progress on the Artist-in-Vacancy program and the upcoming participation in Open Studios as well as the Charger event that just occurred working with Beacon High School track team.  Our Town Grant to NEA is in process with possible collaboration with Storm King and Amplifier.

Meeting adjourned at 6:07 PM

Next meeting September 19, 2017



AUGUST 8, 2017


      I.         Call Meeting to Order by P. Halayko at 4:05

     II.         Attendance- A. Niles, D. Glenn, D. Potack, P. Halayko, J. Surace

   III.         Board of Directors Appointments- D. Glenn made a motion to re-elect D. Potack and K. White to a new two year term ending about July 16, 2019. J. Surace seconds and all approve. D .Potack made a motion to correct the end date of the terms of P. Halayko, J. Surace and A. Niles to July 18, 2018. D. Glenn seconded the motion and all approved.

   IV.         Officer Appointments—D. Glenn made a motion to approve the following slate of Officers, which was seconded by J. Surace and all approved.

a.     Chair -Lisa Daily

b.     Vice Chair -Paul Halayko

c.     Treasurer - David Potack

d.     Secretary - Andrei Niles

     V.         Committee (Audit, Finance and Governance) Appointment—P. Halayko made a motion to appoint the following board members to the corresponding committees. J. Surace seconded the motion and all approved.

a.     Audit Committee - Paul Halayko, Andrei Niles

b.     Governance Committee - Lisa Daily, Deirdre Glenn, Karen Mejia

c.     Finance Committee  – Paul Halayko, Kevin White, David Potack

   VI.         By Laws review and edit.  Necessary to edit the by laws as follows to comply with open meetings law

SECTION 10. Regular Meetings of Directors: Regular meetings of the Board of Directors may be held at such times as may be fixed from time to time by resolution of the Board of Directors. Notice of such meetings need not be given.


D. Potack makes a motion to revise the By Laws as noted. D. Glenn seconds the motion and all approve.


VII. Audit Schedule Update-To remain in compliance with PARIS reporting rules, we will have audit prepared for review at September 19, 2017 board meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 4:20

Next Annual Meeting will be Summer 2018, TBD.