sonic transmission archive

caroline partamian
ethan primason

Carriage House @193 First Street
workshops & open studio dates
tbd august - september 2018




In 1977, two golden phonograph records were launched into space on the NASA Voyager spacecrafts carrying messages of peace, sounds, songs, and images deemed to represent a range of cultural diversity on our planet. While we are inspired by the Voyager Golden records as a method of a transmissive archive, we see a flaw in a fixed representation of human history curated by a small group of scientists, writers, and academics. We aim to develop a perpetual, democratized forum within which people around the world can experience the agency of participating in constructing our collective meaning. The AIV residency in Newburgh will be the first iteration of this project, largely a research phase used to collect and create sounds towards a new, active evolving archive.

We invite members of the Newburgh community to answer the broader question ofWhat would you like to leav as your legacy? These sonic community contributions will populate our online archive which will be played continuously with the mission of reaching the whole world and beyond. We will be conducting interviews, hosting workshops, and inviting folks to come visit us at 193 First Street to participate. We aim to recontextualize, modernize, and expand the idea of transmitting a "record" encapsulating the meaning of being human.



the artists:
caroline partamian & ethan primason

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Caroline Partamian is a musician, visual artist, and curator influenced by my training in dance. She works specifically with the concept of abreaction – the extraction of dormant memory stored within a muscle, resurfaced through physical movement, of which an individual was previously unaware; these memories span the spectrum and can take many forms – traumatic, erotic, or comforting. By focusing on the process rather than anticipated result, her work encourages what can be revealed when one becomes conscious of their kinetic movement in the process of creation.

Ethan Primason is a sound artist, recording engineer, radio producer, and musician. His works and practices are heavily collaborative and guided by anthropological and ritualized approaches towards sound, transmission, improvisation, healing, and storytelling. Recent projects have been informed by deep listening, ecomusicology, sonic ethnography and sound collage.



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